ITV’s This Morning reviews Robot Vacuum Cleaners!

The average person will spend over 13,000 hours cleaning. Want to cut that down to size, but maintain beautifully clean floors? Welcome to the world of robot vacuum cleaners – you’ve read all the robot vacuum reviews, but which one should you buy?

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AirCraft Pilot Max on ITV's This Morning

“Goodbye vacuum cleaning, hello robots!”

ITV’s awesome daytime show This Morning carried out a live test of some of the leading robot vacuum cleaners from brands such as Miele, iRobot and Maplin – and AirCraft Vacuums! So what did they think? Did the Pilot Max impress?

ITV’s resident gadget expert Steve Wilson proclaimed it was “really good” whereas Holly Willoughby highlighted the Pilot Max’s superiority over the Miele Scout robot vacuum, and its pet-friendly nature – “it just sucked up a big bit of pet hair there with no problem whatsoever!”

What did Holly, Phil and Steve have to say?

Steve Wilson: This is awesome, this is the Pilot Max. Look at the reviews online, it is wonderful!

Holly Willoughby: Really?

Steve Wilson: Yes, I’m going to set this one off. It’s sitting at the moment in its docking station. So off it goes and does its job. It will last for about two hours, so it will do a very thorough clean. It’s really good! What this one does, when it runs out of charge, it will go back home!

Phillip Schofield: Will it??

Steve Wilson: Yes! But obviously I can’t let it run out of charge because I’ve charged them ready to do this, but there is a button!

Holly Willoughby: Do you know what? I think this one picks up more than the other one [Miele Scout] did.

Steve Wilson: The reviews of it are amazing! Now I’m going to hit this button on the remote that says ‘charge’ and now it knows it has to go home!

Phillip Schofield: It’s going to find its home! Its looking for it!

Holly Willoughby: It just sucked a big bit of pet hair with no problem whatsoever!

Steve Wilson: It has side brushes too which will brush along skirting boards which is really really cool!

No wonder Holly and Phil loved it – Pilot Max is our most advanced robotic floor cleaner after all! We fit a tough rubber brush bar along with a traditional bristle brush on the underside of each of the beater bars. This allows the brushes to work together, ensuring that all floor types and surfaces stay thoroughly clean. We believe that our product truly works better than a standard vacuum cleaner.

The Pilot Max is different to other vacuum robots, using ultrasonic sensors to make it stop before it touches walls or obstacles. Stopping just short of the obstacle, the extra-long Side brush picks up every last bit of dirt, leaving your skirting boards in pristine condition. Even better, its ledge sensors ensure that it will never fall down the stairs, meaning that you can relax in true style while it gets to work on the landing!

We know that Holly and Phil love coming home to freshly cleaned floors – who wouldn’t?! Using the Remote Control to quickly set the built-in scheduler, our Pilot Max will automatically clean your floors whenever is best for you.

But don’t just take their word for it. Check out these robot vacuum reviews on Costco and Amazon. There’s plenty more to discover about the Pilot Max and it’s even available in two gloriously monochrome colours – black and white!

To watch the entire video on This Morning’s website, please click here.

  • Helena Butler

    20.08.2019 at 17:00 Reply

    Can the Aircraft powerglide be used on laminate flooring safely?

    • G F

      21.08.2019 at 09:57 Reply

      Yes it can.

  • Mary Dennis

    01.01.2021 at 17:25 Reply

    Can the Aircraft power glide be used on real untreated wood floors

    • G F

      01.01.2021 at 17:27 Reply

      Absolutely! Please just use a real wood floor cleaning solution to suit your floor type 🙂

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