Pilot Max

AirCraft Pilot Max - Best robot vacuum cleaner

Our most advanced Robotic Floor Cleaner yet.

The PILOT MAX robot vacuum is our most advanced floor cleaning robot yet. We fit twin rotating beater bars on the underside of each one – a traditional fibre brush bar and a rubber brush bar. They work together to ensure every type of floor surface is thoroughly cleaned. We think this works even better than a regular vacuum cleaner.

Why Pilot Max?

Pilot Max robotic vacuum cleaner

Unlike most vacuum robots, Pilot Max uses ultrasonic sensors to stop just short of touching walls and obstacles, meaning your skirting boards will stay pristine.

But what about those edges and corners? Glad you asked! The extra long Side Brush takes care of the dust and dirt that inevitably collects in corners and along skirtings. Pilot Max even has an Edge Cleaning mode, which is automatically engaged when it finds a wall.

But what if your Pilot Max finds the top of the stairs? Ledge Sensors are built in to the underside of every Pilot Max so it automatically backs away from any drops, we’re pleased to say.

And in case you want to keep your Pilot Max robot vacuum away from anything else (your pet’s food bowl? Your precious sawdust collection?), the Virtual Wall included inside the box will take good care of that. You can also use the Virtual Wall to keep your robot inside an area in an open-plan living space. So your Pilot Max can vacuum the kitchen after you’ve prepared dinner, while you relax in the living area.

Pilot Max underside, Aircraft Pilot Max underside

Large twin brushbars for powerful cleaning

Regular vacuum cleaners have one brushbar. We fit every Pilot Max with two brushbars – one with stiff bristles, and the other tough rubber. These work in opposite directions to each other, grabbing every speck of dust, hair and debris on all types of floor surfaces, leaving them as clean as if you’d vacuumed them yourself.

Set to clean every day!

Discover the magic of coming home to freshly cleaned floors. Use the included Remote Control to quickly set the built-in Scheduler, and Pilot Max will automatically clean your floors on the time and days you want it to. Simply set and forget!

AirCraft Pilot Max robot vacuum cleaner--HEPA Filter

For a healthy home.

Pilot Max is a revelation for allergy sufferers. It sucks up even the tiniest particles, keeping your floors clean and your home healthier. And we make sure it stays that way with washable HEPA filters, meaning dust, pollen and other allergens stay in the Dust Box where they belong, and nothing escapes except fresh, clean air.

Accessories included with your Pilot Max

Pilot Max dock, Pilot Max, Aircraft Vacuums, Aircraft Vacuums , robot vacuum cleaner, irobot accessory, roomba accessory, neato accessory

Charging Dock

After each cleaning cycle, the Pilot Max robot vacuum will automatically return home to the Charging Dock, so it’s always ready for next time!

Aircraft Pilot Max, Aircraft PIlot Max remote, Aircraft VAcuums

RF Remote Control

Use the long-distance remote to control Pilot Max’s direction (like a remote controlled car!), manually activate Spot Cleaning mode, or quickly set the Daily Scheduler.

Aircraft Pilot Max accessory, Pilot Max Virtual Wall

Virtual Wall

Use the Virtual Wall to restrict Pilot Max to a specific area or room.


Weight: 3.1 kg

Dimensions: 32 (diameter) x 9.2 cm (height)

Navigation: Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping (SLAM)

Edge Cleaning: Yes

Spot Cleaning: Yes

Brush blades: 2

Cleaning Cycle: 90-120 mins

Remote Control: Long Range RF / LCD

Suitable floor types: All (Carpet, vinyl, wood, tiles)

Daily Scheduler: Yes