Pilot Max

AirCraft Pilot Max - Best robot vacuum cleaner

Our Most Advanced Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Robotic Floor Cleaners

AirCraft Vacuums have developed our most advanced robot vacuum cleaner yet, with a long-lasting battery, durable, and able to clean your home effortlessly and autonomously. We have developed our robot vacuum with twin rotating beater bards, with one traditional fibre brush, and one rubber brush to ensure that all debris is collected as the robotic vacuum cleaner passes over the dirt on your floor. Our robotic vacuum cleaners work exceptionally on any floor surface, and we think they are much better than your traditional vacuum cleaner. If you are looking for the best robot vacuum cleaner for your home or office, look no further than the robotic vacuum from AirCraft Vacuums, a leading force in cleaning technology.

Why Choose Our Floor Cleaning Robot?

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The robot vacuum cleaners from AirCraft Vacuums utilises ultrasonic sensors to ensure that the vacuum does not bang into things such as skirting boards and furniture, helping to keep them in excellent condition. However, the Pilot Max can still get into the corners and nooks and crannies and collect dust by using the extra-long side brushes, ensuring that your floor is clean in all areas. Our robot floor cleaner also has an edge cleaning mode which engages automatically when it encounters a wall. You do not have to worry about it falling down the stairs as the AirCraft Pilot Max robotic vacuum has sensors to prevent this, and it will back away from any drops that it encounters. We have also designed a handy feature for the Pilot Max called the Virtual Wall, which is included in the box and keeps the robotic floor cleaner in a designated area. You can have your robot vacuum cleaner clean your kitchen after you have prepared a meal, while you are your family eat in the dining room, safe in the knowledge that it will not leave the confines of the kitchen. If you are looking for an advanced robot vacuum that cleans your home without you having to worry about anything, the Pilot Max from AirCraft Vacuums may be the perfect solution to your problem.

Pilot Max underside, Aircraft Pilot Max underside

The Robotic Carpet Cleaner with Twin Brushbars For Powerful Cleaning

It is common for many vacuum cleaners to have only one brushbar, but we have designed the Pilot Max with two. Our robot carpet cleaner has one stiff bristled brush and one tough rubber one which works in opposite directions, ensuring that all debris, dust, hair, and other particles are collected, leaving you with a clean floor.

Set Your Robotic Vacuum Cleaner to Clean Everyday

What is better than coming home to a clean and tidy house, especially when all the hard work is done for you? You can use the remote control that is included with your Pilot Max robot vacuum to access the built-in scheduler and set it to clean your floors at the time and days you want. Simply set and forget!

AirCraft Pilot Max robot vacuum cleaner--HEPA Filter

The Best Robot Vacuum for A Clean Home

What makes the Pilot Max one of the best budget robot vacuum cleaners is that it sucks up even the tiniest of dust particles, helping to keep your floors clean and dust-free, perfect for those that suffer from allergies. The washable HEPA filters help to keep dust, pollen, and other allergens in the device, making sure that only clean air escapes.

What Is Included with Your Pilot Max Robot Vacuum?

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The Charging Dock For The Pilot Max

After cleaning, your Pilot Max robot hoover will automatically return to the docking station provided and charge the battery, so it is ready for the next time you want it to clean your floors.

Aircraft Pilot Max, Aircraft PIlot Max remote, Aircraft VAcuums

The Pilot Max RF Remote Control

You can use the long-range remote control to direct the Pilot Max just like a remote-control car, use it to set the daily schedule, or turn on the Spot Cleaning mode for built-up dirt.

Aircraft Pilot Max accessory, Pilot Max Virtual Wall

The Pilot Max Virtual Wall

Also included in the box is the Virtual Wall, which prevents the Pilot Max robot vacuum from leaving the area that you designate.

The Pilot Max Robot Vacuum Cleaner Technical Specifications

We have designed and built the Pilot Max robotic vacuum to the highest specifications to ensure that it is durable, practical, and does the job that you want it to with ease.

Weight: 3.1 kg

Dimensions: 32 (diameter) x 9.2 cm (height)

Navigation: Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping (SLAM)

Edge Cleaning: Yes

Spot Cleaning: Yes

Brush blades: 2

Cleaning Cycle: 90-120 mins

Remote Control: Long Range RF / LCD

Suitable floor types: All (Carpet, vinyl, wood, tiles)

Daily Scheduler: Yes

Delivering the Pilot Max Robot Vacuum UK Wide

We can deliver the best robot vacuum UK wide, and we can also deliver right across Europe, and North America as well. If you are in the UK mainland and you order your Pilot Max robot vacuum cleaner before 1 pm, it will be dispatched for next working day delivery, with parts and accessories taking 3-5 days. Delivery to Northern Ireland or the Scottish Highlands takes 48 hours, and the lead time for parts and accessories is the same as the UK mainland. Delivery of your robotic vacuum to Europe or North America does vary, and if you would like more information about this, please contact us by sending us an email to info@aircraftvacuums.com, and we will happily confirm the lead times. For more information about delivery costs and lead times, you can also click here to see our shipping page.

The Best Quality Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Money Can Buy

At AirCraft Vacuums, contrary to what you may think, we do not love cleaning! What we do love is making those cleaning jobs easier, which is why we created the Pilot Max robotic vacuum cleaner. We spent a lot of time and effort in designing and tweaking the design, to make sure that the Pilot Max was one of the most efficient robot hoovers available on the market. We made sure that it was durable with a good battery life, and that it cleans floors effortlessly, leaving you to worry about other things rather than cleaning your floors. We also made sure that the sleek design was simple to use, and that you can program your Pilot Max to clean automatically so you never have to worry about dirty floors again.

Purchasing The Best Robotic Vacuum Is Easy

You can order your Pilot Max robotic vacuum from AirCraft Vacuums easily on our site, and there are also a wide variety of accessories and spare parts that are also available in our online shop. Click on the product and add it to your basket, as well as any additional accessories that you want to purchase such as a spare battery or another virtual wall. When you are ready, you can pay securely online using our payment system, safe in the knowledge that your details are well protected. We accept all major cards as well as PayPal and Apple Pay so that you can choose the most convenient method of payment for you. Once your order has been placed and paid for, we will ship your Pilot Max floor cleaning robot to the address supplied and in no time at all you can forget about cleaning your floors and let the Pilot Max do all the hard work for you.

Connect with AirCraft Vacuums Makers of The Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner

If you have any questions about the Pilot Max or any of our other products, email us at info@aircraftvacuums.com, and one of our friendly and helpful members of staff will happily answer them. You can also follow us on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, or Vimeo, and keep up to date with all the latest developments at AirCraft Vacuums, as well as special offers and promotions. If you are looking for a robot vacuum cleaner to take the hassle out of cleaning your floors, look no further than AirCraft Vacuums Pilot Max and forget about cleaning your floors with a clunky traditional vacuum cleaner.