LUME Air Circulator Fan with dimmable LED backlight & remote control

  • LUME is a stylish 2-in-1 table top & pedestal fan and 3D air circulator with LED dimmable ambient backlight and remote control
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LUME Air Circulator Fan


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Keep your cool with
Powerful, ultra-quiet fan and air circulator

Beautifully quiet. Refreshingly powerful.

LUME® is an ultra-quiet air circulation fan that looks and feels like a gentle jet engine. Perch it anywhere and enjoy powerful blasts of cool, refreshing air – at a volume you can chat, work or dream to.

Dimmable backlight

The light-up fan that matches your mood

Time for some mood lighting? Leave it to LUME®. Your new remote-controlled pedestal fan has an ambient backlight with three brightness settings. Use it as a nightlight and enjoy a gentle breeze as you catch some Zs. Or perch it in your favourite reading nook, switch off the fan function and relax.

Take control of your comfort

LUME® is the most flexible remote-control fan on the market. The easy-to-use remote lets you adjust the fan, backlight, oscillation and more. With 12 speeds, three modes and a host of simple settings at your fingertips, you can discover more than 2,800 ways to chill.

Works as a desk or pedestal fan

Choose comfort, 24/7

LUME® transforms from a standing fan to a desk fan in seconds, so you can take a refreshing, powerful breeze with you. Morning yoga or afternoon nap – LUME® keeps comfort at the top of your agenda. Just switch on, cool off and kick back. Bliss.

Award-winningly quiet

Born to be a bedroom fan. Welcome anywhere.

Even at full blast, LUME® is never louder than an electric toothbrush. That’s why it’s been awarded the Quiet Mark for responsible acoustic design. Expect to forget it’s there, whether you’re working from home or using it as a sleeping fan. Sweet dreams.

All power, no friction

LUME® was created by the world’s most innovative product designers. Their mission: to develop the quietest fan possible without sacrificing pure power. That’s why it uses a high-velocity frictionless motor. It needs less power, makes less noise and delivers a strong, steady breeze that you’ll feel from metres away.

Summer is just the start

An oscillating fan and air circulator in one

You can set LUME to oscillate horizontally or vertically – or choose both at once to activate its 3D air circulation function. Crack a window and you’ll feel like you’re sitting outside on a pleasant, breezy day. Crank the air con to enjoy a refreshing, room-filling chill. Or use it alongside heat sources to help keep warm, dry laundry and beat the winter blues.