Do Robot Vacuum Cleaners Work? The Sunday Times Thinks So!

The twenty-first century may have disappointed futurologists in many ways (no jet-packs just yet), but when it comes to robots, we’re living in a golden age. The future is here, and robotic cleaners have come to save us from domestic drudgery. But is it too good to be true – do robot vacuum cleaners work? The Sunday Times certainly thinks so!

Do robot vacuum cleaners work? Sunday times review

What they said

Sunday Times writer Katrina Burroughs and her furry friend Stanley had a blast with the Pilot Max robot vacuum, putting their feet up while their robotic assistant did its thing. The reviewer was impressed by the thorough going-over that the Pilot Max gave her floors, eliminating dog hair and crumbs to leave an immaculate carpet in its wake. You can see the full review here.

Advantages of the robotic vacuum cleaner

As Katrina found, robotic vacuum cleaners get to work efficiently and thoroughly, giving their traditional counterparts a run for their money. And of course, they have one outstanding advantage over their manual rivals – you don’t have to lift a finger! Here’s what Pilot Max could do for you:

  • Saves time and effort – you don’t need to put in any elbow grease.
  • Vacuums while you’re out – no need to step over your Pilot Max as it goes about its duties. You can schedule your robotic cleaner to vacuum the house at a time when it won’t be under your feet.
  • Cleans hard-to-reach areas – its small size means it’ll squeeze under sofas without a problem, and its specially designed side brush will eliminate dust and dirt from difficult corners.
  • Kind to your skirting boards – its clever ultrasonic sensors stop it from bumping against the walls when vacuuming the edges of the room.
  • Intelligent – it can zoom in on spillages and get to work on messy areas, restrict itself to just one room if that’s what you want, and sense when it’s at the edge of an abyss (so it won’t take a tumble down the stairs).
  • Compact – takes up a lot less room in your cleaning cupboard. In fact, it doesn’t need take up space in a cupboard at all! (We recommend setting it up on its Dock under a sideboard).

How do robot vacuum cleaners work (and do they really work better than a standard vacuum?)

Pilot Max in home: do robot vacuum cleaners work?Robot vacuum cleaners are a pretty impressive piece of technology. As well as the superior combination of side brush and dual brush bars that the Pilot Max is equipped with for unrivaled cleaning power, their built-in intelligence gives them an edge over the rest. With sensors to help them understand the layout of a room and navigate around your home, they don’t just clean, they clean to your particular specifications.

Do robot vacuum cleaners work better than your traditional model? We certainly think so – and if you still need convincing, see all the features that the Pilot Max boasts.

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