PowerGlide Hard Floor Cleaner Review by Lynsey Queen of Clean!

Stand up for PowerGlide!

AirCraft PowerGlide hard floor cleaner - White

You guys have taken to the PowerGlide hard floor cleaner in a rather amazing way. We’ve had so many messages telling us that the PowerGlide has meant the end of the road for their deeply unloved mop & bucket, and so many of you used to get down on your hands and knees (it makes our back spasm just thinking about it!) to scrub the floor before their PowerGlide arrived.

Well, we’re super glad it’s changing the way you clean for the better – that is our raison d’être after all!

“Cleans to perfection”

Now a PowerGlide review has just arrived from that most esteemed of Instagrammers, the Clean Queen herself, Lynsey! We feel very honoured that PowerGlide been gracing the royal floors themselves, and this just in: she rather loved it, awarding PowerGlide an amazing 5/5 Queen of Clean rating. She declares to her loyal followers: “PowerGlide is definitely something I want you all to know about. It’s such a lightweight, stylish floor cleaner that makes floor cleaning an absolute breeze” and “the twin rotating microfibre pads really do clean, polish and buff your floors to perfection. I’d highly recommend it.”

We couldn’t be more chuffed!

Check out her PowerGlide review here, and an Instagram post featuring her son Jake is here (and below).

AirCraft PowerGlide hard floor cleaner reviewLynsey Queen of Clean can be found dishing out all manner of brilliant cleaning tips and hacks on Instagram here: @lynsey_queenofclean.

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