Men and Cleaning: Why the Pilot Max Offers Up a Perfect Solution!

Harry Kane: Men and CleaningWhat is it with men and cleaning? Women are often held up to have higher standards of cleanliness than men – but the truth is, men appreciate a clean home as well. It’s just that there are usually a hundred and one more attractive ways to spend our spare time than changing the bins or sweeping the floor. But fret not: there is a solution that will stop those housework battles once and for all.

Pilot Max: the perfect gadget

Gadgets for men come in all shapes and sizes. There’s something about the latest gizmos that most men just seem to love. So the Pilot Max – one of the Top 18 Gadgets You Must Have In Your Life, according to Forever Sports magazine – will suit the man in your life right down to the ground. And what’s more, it’ll make the words “men” and “cleaning” seem less incompatible.

A robotic vacuum cleaner that is clever enough to sense obstacles in its path (and understands when it’s about to fall down the stairs), the Pilot Max can clean a room in just 20 minutes – while you sit back and put your feet up. If pressing the ‘on’ button is too much effort, or you want your pet gadget to clean while you’re out of the house, you can schedule it to start vacuuming at a particular time each day!

Fun and games

Pilot Max: Men and cleaningNot content with taking the effort out of vacuuming, the Pilot Max can take things one step further and actually make it fun. If you’re a fan of drinking games like Beer Pong, where you aim a ping pong ball and throw it into a beer cup, the Pilot Max can help you add a whole new dimension to your alcoholic entertainment.

How about this: simply place the Pilot Max on a table, put your cups on the top, and watch as your robotic cleaning assistant moves around the surface but never falls off. You’ll have hours of fun taking aim at the moving vessels – and you’ll improve your hand eye co-ordination to boot.

There’s bags of potential for other Pilot Max games, too: why not take advantage of its intelligent, ultrasonic sensors to construct an obstacle course for your bot? You could even give it a “reward” at the end by offering it some dust or crumbs as a snack.

Leisure time

We all need more time in our lives to kick back and relax.  And that’s why the Pilot Max is such a godsend, for women, for men and cleaning! Your domestic bot can now take care of the drudgery, leaving you free to enjoy your new-found spare time. What you do with it is up to you…

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