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AirCraft triLite 3in1 compact vacuum

Compact. Light. Powerful.

Dragging a heavy, clunky vacuum cleaner out of the cupboard is yesterday’s news.

Introducing triLite, the 3 in 1 compact vacuum cleaner with Cyclonic suction technology, and your new favourite thing.

When we decided to invent a new vacuum cleaner, we started with the fact that we just didn’t like vacuuming at all. We didn’t like the geeky look of our old vacuum cleaner, we didn’t like the fact that it took the strength of a bear to carry it around, and we didn’t like the amount of precious storage space it took up.

We firmly believe that your vacuum cleaner should clean your home brilliantly, but that it should also be beautifully designed, take up very little storage space, and be easy to use and carry.

TriLite is super powerful, compact, light – and available in three stylish colours.

And triLite changes shape, so you don’t need to choose between an upright or a cylinder vacuum cleaner. With triLite, you get both. And then there’s Aircraft mode…

Why triLite?

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Our big idea was to design a small vacuum cleaner that doesn’t compromise on suction power, and one so nimble that it can be used to clean the most demanding spaces – the interior of a passenger aircraft. You need to manoeuvre between the aisles, clean between and under seats, and in hand luggage compartments, and all at speed. The best way to do this is to keep your vacuum cleaner on your shoulder and out of the way, so both hands and your body are free to move. We call it Aircraft mode, and we think you’ll love it.

Cleaning your skirting boards and the stairs, and sucking away the cobwebs from your light fittings has never been easier.

AirCraft triLite compact vacuum cleaner - topaz blue

Compact vacuum, big cleaning power.

triLite may be small and light, but it’s no lightweight when it comes to suction power.

We use a high power (1000w), high efficiency suction motor to make sure your triLite can handle every job you throw at it.

5-stage filtration, with washable HEPA Filter

triLite takes an OCD approach to filtering. It uses advanced 5-stage air filtration, including a washable HEPA filter, to ensure that even the finest particles of dust and dirt are trapped, leaving you with fresh clean air.

triLite HEPA

Accessories included with your triLite

Flip Nozzle

Use as a crevice tool for getting into those awkward nooks, or simply flip to use as a brush – perfect for skirting boards, door frames or delicate light fittings. Clever eh?

Turbo Tool

With a rotating brush bar, the triLite Turbo Tool is your new best friend for vacuuming carpets and tackling pet hair!

Shoulder Strap

Clip onto your triLite and sling over your shoulder,
giving you amazing reach.
Now go get those cobwebs!


Weight: 4.2 kg

Dimensions (as Upright): 25 x 21 x 93 cm

Height (as Upright): 101 cm – 128 cm (adjustable)

Power: 1,000 w (max)

Bin capacity: 2.8 Litres; Bagless

Filter: Five-stage, Washable lifetime HEPA filter

Cord length: 5 m

Max reach (as Cylinder): 7.85 m

Suction power: 9.4 kPa / 220 Air Watts

Power supply: 230 v, 50 Hz