• Turbo Pet Hair Tool for the AirCraft triLite Vacuum Cleaner, aircraft trilite 3-in-1 vacuum cleaner, aircraft trilite vacuum cleaner

Turbo Pet Hair Tool for triLite [Legacy]


Turbo Pet Hair Tool with air-driven spinning brush bar – Turbo charge your triLite vacuum cleaner!

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Take your triLite vacuum cleaner to even greater heights with the Turbo Pet Hair Tool attachment.

The Turbo Pet Hair Tool’s powerful air-driven spinning brush bar makes it ideal for easily picking up hair on carpets, rugs or hard floors.

To be used with your triLite in Cylinder or AirCraft mode.

Easy to disassemble for easy cleaning of the brush bar when required.

Please note, a Turbo Pet Hair Tool attachment is included with each purchase of any new triLite.