• 2 sets of PowerGlide Pads for the AirCraft PowerGlide Cordless Hard Floor Cleaner
  • Applying pads - AirCraft cordless hard floor cleaner
  • PowerGlide hard floor cleaner - Blue Pads
  • PowerGlide hard floor cleaner - Pink Pads

PowerGlide Pads (2 sets)


  • 2 sets of microfibre Pads for the PowerGlide hard floor cleaner
  • Included in this set: 2 Blue & 2 Pink Pads
  • Machine- or hand-washable

Cleaning your floors is seriously fast and easy with PowerGlide, so it’s useful to have plenty of clean PowerGlide Pads to hand!

This set includes two sets of spare or replacement microfibre Pads for the PowerGlide cordless hard floor cleaner.

Four individual Pads are included in this set: 2 Blue & 2 Pink.

Pink Pads have tassels for convenient and easy edge-cleaning. Blue Pads are made from the same soft, absorbent microfibre as the Pink Pads, and can also be used for all floor types and all types of cleaning. We recommend using only Blue pads if you are using your PowerGlide with a wax or oil-based floor cleaning solution on wooden floors.

All Pads are hand or machine-washable.

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