• The PILOT ZEN robot vacuum
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  • Let the PILOT ZEN robot vacuum do the dirty work. Easy, one-touch cleaning of every floor surface.
  • Intelligent SLAM navigation.
  • Automatically returns to Charging Dock.
  • Daily scheduler.
  • Large Brush Blade for powerful cleaning.
  • Side Brushes cleans against walls and into corners.
  • LCD remote control.
  • Spot Cleaning.
  • Ledge Sensors ensure the robotic floor cleaner will be safe around stairs.
  • Magnetic Barrier Strip, extra Filter, Side Brushes and batteries included.

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Nowhere for dirt to hide

Using advanced navigation software based on simultaneous localisation and mapping (SLAM) to continually scan the room, this automatic robot vacuum will make an instant decision based on input from the numerous external sensors, ensuring no spot is left uncovered.

And an extra long Side Brush gets into corners and edges, sweeping dust, dirt and hair into the suction inlet.

Versatile, Powerful and Efficient

PILOT ZEN has been designed to clean all floor types, including carpet, tiles, hardwood and linoleum.

PILOT ZEN’s suction level is adjusted automatically to suit the level of dirt and floor type being cleaned, to ensure your floors are cleaned ultra efficiently.

PILOT ZEN will clean for 90 to 120 minutes per cleaning cycle before automatically returning to its Charging Dock, and can clean an average sized room (4 x 4 metres) in approximately 20 minutes.

Pet Friendly

We’re big fans of cats and dogs here at AirCraft HQ, but we know how hard it can be to keep on top of the layer of pet hair that accumulates on floor surfaces.

The PILOT ZEN robot vacuum has been designed with pets in mind, and is amazing for collecting even the finest hairs. Simply schedule a daily clean to solve the persistent problem of pet hair, and you’ll soon come to love this product as much as you love Tiddles (well, almost).

Easy One-Touch Operation

Just touch the AUTO button – and that’s it! Let your vacuum robot do the dirty work.

Spot Cleaning

When PILOT ZEN finds an area that requires extra attention, the suction power level will automatically increase and it will start cleaning in a spiral to ensure the area is thoroughly cleaned.

Go Play!

The robot floor cleaner can easily be programmed to clean every day, or when it’s most convenient for you – so now you can clean when you’re asleep, at work or just out having fun!

Low Profile

At just 90mm high, PILOT ZEN’s slim profile means it can clean under sofas, beds, tables and other areas that other vacuum cleaners simply can’t reach.

Ledge Sensors

PILOT ZEN detects the edges of stairs other ledges, causing it to immediately reverse and change direction – so you can safely clean the top of the landing too.

Self Charging

PILOT ZEN will automatically search for its docking station, safely dock and begin recharging when required, so it’s always ready for the next cleaning cycle.

Staying Safe

Unlike other robotic vacuums, PILOT ZEN uses onboard sensors to avoid colliding with objects in its path, instead using its long side brush to sweep the dust bunnies from corners and alongside walls. So you can be sure your valuables, and your floor cleaning robot, are kept safe and dent-free.

HEPA Filter

PILOT ZEN uses a multi-filter system to trap even the tiniest particles of dust, dirt and allergens, leaving behind only fresh, clean air. The filters are washable, and a spare filter is included in the box so you can carry on cleaning even when one filter is being cleaned.

Remote Control

You can niftily control and program your PILOT ZEN with the included Remote Control.

Barrier Strip

A Barrier Strip is included with your PILOT ZEN robot vacuum, so you can restrict cleaning to a specific area or room.