• AirCraft Pilot Lux robot vacuum cleaner



  • Automatically cleans carpets and hard floors at the touch of a button.
  • Slim profile.
  • Automatically returns to Dock Charger.
  • Can be programmed to commence cleaning once fully charged.
  • Ledge Sensors allow PILOT LUX to detect stairs and other ledges.
  • Easily program length of cleaning time.
  • Side Brush cleans along walls. Brush bar easily copes with dirty carpets.
  • Large 400 ml dust capacity.
  • Remote Control included.

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Using vacuum suction, a rotating brush bar, Side Brush and UV floor disinfection, PILOT LUX will clean tiles, hardwood, vinyl and carpets at the touch of a button.

PILOT LUX cleverly avoids any objects in its path, using five different vacuuming algorithms to ensure all your floor space is evenly and efficiently cleaned.

Its slim profile means PILOT LUX can clean under sofas, beds, tables and other areas that standard vacuum cleaners simply can’t reach.

Press “GO” on the Dock Charger, and PILOT LUX will automatically start cleaning once fully charged. Or use the included Remote Control to begin your easiest cleaning experience ever, right away.

Ledge Sensors on the underside of the front of the PILOT LUX detect the edges of stairs other ledges, and it will even return to the Dock Charger when the battery needs recharging, recommencing cleaning when it’s fully charged.

Weight3.0 kg
Dimensions36 × 36 × 9.5 cm

3.5 kg

Dust Canister capacity

0.3 l

Charging time

3.5 hours

Operational Speed

16.5 – 18.5 cm/s

UV Lamp life

6,000 hours


0.35 kpa


0.5 l/s

Remote Control range

3 m

Rated Power

25 w

Battery Pack

Voltage: Ni-MH 14.4 v Current: 2,800 MAH

Output Voltage

20 v / 1,000 ma