Pilot Pro

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A cleaning revolution

The Pilot Pro robot vacuum is our slimmest and quietest addition yet. Just touch the CLEAN button and Pilot Pro will get to work, automatically adjusting suctions levels, speed and direction to ensure your floors are cleaned as efficiently as possible.

And when Pilot Pro finds an area that requires a little extra care and attention, Spot Clean mode automatically engages; suction power is doubled, and the cleaning area is focused to one square metre, to ensure each and every square inch of your floor is thoroughly cleaned.

You won’t even have to worry about feeding – sorry, charging this floor cleaning robot. It will automatically find its docking station and begin recharging when running low on juice.

And Pilot Pro uses a dual HEPA filter system to trap even the tiniest particles of dust, dirt and allergens, leaving behind only fresh, clean air.

Why Pilot Pro?


At just 75mm high, Pilot Pro’s ultra slim profile means it can clean under sofas, sideboards, tables and other areas that standard vacuum cleaners simply can’t reach. Our Pilot Pro robotic vacuum is equipped with ledge sensors to detect stairs, causing it to immediately reverse and change direction – so it can clean the top of the landing too.

And Pilot Pro’s infrared sensors allow it to sense obstacles and slow right down before it reaches them, so you can be sure your furniture, and your vacuum robot, are kept safe.


Weight: 3.0 kg

Dimensions: 36 x 36 x 9.5 cm

Weight: 3.0 kg

Dimensions: 36 x 36 x 9.5 cm

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Cleans while you go and play.

Pilot Pro can be programmed using the in-built Scheduler to clean when it’s most convenient for you – when you’re asleep, at work or just out having fun!

Bagless and easy to maintain.

Emptying Pilot Pro after a cleaning cycle is as easy as lifting out the Dust Box and tipping the contents into your bin. No bags to buy or replace, hooray! And the HEPA Filter is washable, so you won’t need to replace that either. We even include an extra one in the box, so your cleaning schedule won’t be interrupted. We’ve thought of everything!

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Accessories included with every Pilot Pro

robot vacuum cleaner accessory, robot vacuum cleaner,

Extra Side Brushes

Side brushes last for two years per set. We include an extra set in every box.

Robot vacuum cleaner accessory, robot vacuum remote, pilot pro

LCD Remote Control

For easy programming of your daily clean.

Pilot Pro, Aircraft Vacuum Pilot Pro, robot vacuum cleaner

Dock Charger

Our Pilot Pro robot vacuum even charges itself, so it’s always ready for the next cleaning cycle.