Cordless. Lightweight. Awesome.

We designed the DUET Cordless Vacuum Cleaner to make cleaning your home easy and fast.

Put simply, AirCraft believes your home will stay cleaner if your vacuum cleaner is a pleasure to use.

Why Duet?

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Cordless, ultra light and with a class-leading cleaning of up to 30 minutes, Duet is perfect for cleaning your entire home – in a single charge. Left on the Dock Charger when not in use, Duet will be ready for action whenever you need it. And Duet‘s handle folds down at the push of a button, for easy storage in a cupboard or under the stairs.

Duet has a clever swivel steering mechanism, for easy manoeuvring around furniture and corners, and the motor-driven rotating brush bar effortlessly picks up dust, dirt and hair from every type of floor surface.

Duet also has a hidden secret – push a button to release the handheld vacuum, perfect for quick and easy cleaning of stairs, after-dinner crumbs, car seats or the sofa.

Crevice and upholstery tools are included, and can be neatly stored on the Dock Charger.

Duet is super economical too – bagless and super quick to empty into your bin, and with a lifetime washable HEPA filter, maintenance is easy, cost-free, and kind to the environment.

cordless vacuum cleaner, charging stand, ergonomic handle

Compact vacuum, large cleaning power.

We designed Duet to be easy and pleasurable to use.

The handle is comfortable to grip, and steering is built using a swivel mechanism, so you have full control.

And there’s no bending down to plug in the charger – Duet can simply be placed on its Charging Dock, so it’s always ready when you need it.

Easy to store

We also designed Duet to take up less room. Its handle folds down, so it takes up less of your precious storage space when it’s charging.

And (did we mention?), you won’t need to buy or store a handheld vacuum, because Duet has one built right in. Simply press a button to release, vacuum up those crumbs, and click back into place when you’re done.

Aircraft Vacuums Duet, integrated handheld vacuum, robot vacuum cleaner

Accessories included with your Duet

Crevice Nozzle

Use the Crevice Nozzle with Duet’s integrated handyvac – perfect for sucking dust and crumbs out of awkward nooks.

Upholstery Tool

With its stiff bristles, the Duet’s Upholstery Tool is great for cleaning car seats and sofas!

Charging Dock

Store the Duet on its Charging Dock when not in use, so it’s ready for some cleaning action whenever you need it!


Weight: 2.8 kg

Dimensions: 26 x 17 x 114 cm

Dust capacity: 0.5 litres

Battery: NiMH 14.4 v / 1500 mAh

Output power: 100 w

Vacuum power: 3 kpa